The Halal market
represents 750 Billion dollars in the world…


Behind this number, many real factors tend to show that the Halal industry is flourishing which is subject to ruthlessly mercantile companies.

The Halal market has become a real Halal Gate!

Grasped by the godless and lawless consumer society, our customs and traditions are cleared out from their meaning and their essence.

« Halal » is today a common and spoiled word, a brand for sale, attracting everyone, without having concerns about the truth of the product.

Who should we believe?

Going like that with scandals, the truth is now revealed. Most of the businessmen mislead the Muslim consumer and skip, within total impunity, control organisations and priest rituals, setting their own slaughter methods (electrocution, mechanical slaughtering, knocking out animals, contaminated work station, mixed meat…).

Long ago, free to act as they liked with the involvement of some organisations which certified unfairly the meat with a false label or a false certificate, those businessmen can’t swindle anymore the Muslim consumer. Their frauds which affect many countries in the world are at the heart of Muslims’ concern.

« Halal » is not a game, the verdict will be reached.

Here is what the Muslim consumer needs: the opportunity to consume a product labelled Halal anywhere, without any doubt or ambiguities, with a real traceability, produced in a 100 % slaughtering site, commercialized with its own delivery network worldwide under a unique brand, CHOURA HALAH.

He needs a product to consume on trust and clear conscience, everywhere on the world. To achieve this goal, Muslims have to gather and say stop to these scandalous methods, to this society and to these businessmen laying down their laws by blowing away ancestral customs and religious beliefs.

Let’s create and act!

We let ourselves drift away comfortably, without any questioning, or critical mind or commitment.

Islam is not for sale and cannot be sold.

Muslims and Non- Muslims are urged to fight against labelling fraud installed by food chains. All the Muslims in the world should wake up and join forces around a project setting up a new OPTION.

Which one?

Founding a Halal land with Choura Halah in one of the 28th European countries. A site formed by slaughterhouses, transport companies... at the hand of Muslims for Muslims and available for everybody in complete transparency.

Halal Certificat

By Muslims for Muslims


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